Shivalaya Yoga Ashram, an abode of spiritual experiences, is situated on a hilltop affording a spectacular view of Begnas Lake in Pokhara, Nepal. The ashram is nestled in the lap of the Himalayas among lush forests and mountains filled with a diverse range of floras and faunas. Pokhara in Nepal is one of the most sought-after yoga destinations, where a great number of yogis, seekers, and tourists visit to experience nature, peace, and wisdom. Besides the picturesque scenery covering the breath-taking mountains, lush forests, and sparkling water bodies, the village is also very clean, peaceful and above all, far away from the hustle. A dip in the fresh lake is sure to make one feel refreshed, revitalized, and reenergized. Moreover, the mountains and forests around bring nature strikingly close to the village.

Nepal, in whole, is known for its heavenly landscape and is the home of the mighty and magnificent Himalayas. The place, for centuries, has been strongly associated with the ancient practice of yoga. It is believed that many a sage and yogi practiced and developed the age-old science while dwelling in the serene mountains of Nepal. Several yogic rituals and traditions including Tantra, took form in this very own country, which all are now being practiced all over the globe.

Nepal, being a deeply spiritual destination gives off an inviting vibe reaching out to all those seeking wisdom, peace, and illumination. The place is indeed a divine sanctuary that has helped great saints, sages, yogis and many other souls achieve enlightenment. The country’s enduring connection with Mother Earth strongly supports the Yogic Culture, offering a safe, nurturing, and idyllic environment for many to learn, teach, and practice yoga. Apart from spiritual experiences, Nepal is an incredible place highly rich in culture and heritage, boasting diverse customs and traditions. It is also an amazing tourist destination offering unique, fun and once-in-a-lifetime adventures like mountain bike tour, paragliding, bungee jumping, canoeing, snowboarding, peak climbing, honey hunting, trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas and the list just goes on.

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