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This Yoga teacher training course, registered with Yoga Alliance. USA , is the best introduction to the Hatha Yoga tradition, or for anyone looking to renew their practice of Hatha Yoga. This course will take you to the next level to gain the ability to share it.

We believe that Yoga is much more than Asana – it is a lifestyle, and at Shivalaya Yoga Ashram we prepare our students who can live Yoga, not just do Yoga.

Hatha & Tantra Yoga is a powerful method and holistic system coming from the ancient lineage of Nepal. It’s root go all the way back to the time of Lord Shiva. We will begin with the first step in the Hatha Yoga called Shatkarma – internal yogic cleansing to prepare our bodies and minds for the yoga practice to follow, so that when Prana Shakti starts to flow it will be moving through clear open channels.

200, 300 Hours YTTC Benefits


Learning Yoga in human life is considered to be sacred. Regular yoga practice makes the life sacred. Teaching Yoga is yet more than all this because by becoming a Master in yoga, you are the part of the yogic community, the ancient philosophic and spiritual path

  • Lot of people all over the world have accepted that yoga has the power to relax the mind,body and the soul.
  • No formal education or prerequisite to become a yoga teacher.
  • Being a Yoga teacher, you are like a candle that can bring light within others.
  • By practicing yoga, one can distinguish you from the charisma on the face, right conduct of actions, and utterance of meaningful words while speaking.
  • Yoga is also a tool to cure various physical and mental diseases.
  • Another beauty of learning Yoga is that it can be taught and learned regardless of the age.
  • Helps in losing weight and making the body flexible.
  • Meditation practices in Yoga helps a lot to improve self confidence , conscious breathing throughout the practices.
  • Yoga helps one to come out from the emotional and sentimental traumas.
  • Your complete life style changes according to the principles in Yogic philosophy.Quality of mind, observations and analytical skills and will power increases , which will automatically increase the self confidence.
  • A whole positive aura will follow you by practicing the yoga regularly, sincerely with the proper guidance.
  • No formal education or prerequisite to become a yoga teacher.
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